M. Cader PR serves a small group of companies who make a difference in consumers' lives with better products and services.

who we are
ďMargie is that rare individual who understands how to hand-pick a target outlet and craft a story that will benefit everyone. Her professional network is fantastic and her results speak for themselves.Ē
Charlie Graham,
Founder and CEO,
Shop It To Me, Inc.
M. Cader PR serves a small group of companies with one thing in common: the vision to make a difference in consumersí lives by offering a better product or service.

I founded M. Cader PR in 2008 to help pioneering companies reach the right audiences with their unique stories ó in a way that compels action.

You may find my approach a bit different. I donít believe in blasting releases out to every media outlet; instead, I hand-pick journalists who make the most sense for your target customer and craft a story about your business that they will want to run. The results ó from O Magazine to the New York Times to The Early Show ó underscore the value of this strategy.

M. Cader PR offers clients the benefits of a large firm ó broad industry experience and high-level managerial expertise ó and all the advantages of being small, nimble and costing much less.

I also work with companies who need expert help to lay out the right strategy and action plan to reach their goals.

So whether your company needs strategic or executional support Ė or both -- if you have a fresh approach to satisfying a consumer need, letís get acquainted!

Meet Margie

Iím a well-seasoned (as they say) PR professional who thinks strategically and executes with passion.

During my 15+ years in the business, Iíve worked with companies of all sizes across many industries, delivering stories the media want. Starting in PR in 1993, I cut my teeth on programs for 1.800.FLOWERS, Duracell and Seventeen magazine. In 1998, I joined a four-person agency in New York where I worked on innovative brand-building programs. During my 10 years with Kaplow Communications, I helped grow the businesses of such clients as eBay, Skype, Netflix, LeapFrog, iVillage and Robert Mondavi.

In 2008, I left Kaplow to launch my own consultancy, focusing on companies with a unique offering that is relevant to consumersí lives. My goal is to work with businesses that provide a product or service that I want to use and can advocate for ó whether itís a new way to shop for clothing on sale, or a better way to make dinner reservations.

If your business fits the profile, letís talk! Iíll work closely with you to crystallize strategy, then craft a great story, deliver it to the right media, and drive results.

I look forward to getting to know you.